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What is AcroKids Academy?

When was the last time you really thought about your childcare arrangements?  Are they working for your family?  Are you concerned that your child is lost in the crowd at their current daycare or preschool?  Do you wish your child had more activity in their day?  Are you pregnant and looking for childcare for your new baby?  What is your school-ager doing before and after school to keep busy and active?  AcroKids Academy may be your answer!!

AcroKids Academy is a full service childcare center located inside of AcroSports Gymnastics.  We began almost 7 years ago with one classroom operating 2 days a week part time for children ages 3-5 years old.  We have now grown to have 9 classrooms operating year round serving children from 6 weeks to 5 years in our preschool academy, and kindergarten through 5th grade in our before and afterschool program.  During the school year we offer both full time child care (6:30am-6:30pm) and part time “mother’s day out” (9am-2pm) for preschool students, and before and afterschool care for school-agers.  The summer program is full time hours only for all ages.

We know it is hard to let go of your child.  Sending them to someone else’s care for the first time (or changing them to a new care situation) can be exciting and scary all at once.  By enrolling your child in AcroKids, you know they are getting a high quality, loving early childhood experience while still allowing them the freedom to have physical activity. You will see quickly that when you pick your child up each day from our program that they have had ALL of their academic, physical, social and emotional needs met and are ready to relax and enjoy family time together.  Don’t you wish AcroKids Academy was around when you were a child?

If you'd like more information, or to set up a time for a tour, please email or call the front office to speak with Amy.  We have very limited space still available for this school year if you have an immediate childcare need and would like more information about starting your child in our program now.