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Learn to cartwheel and flip in our special "tumbling only" classes, perfect for kids interested in cheerleading, dance, or martial arts. Tumbling class is also terrific for kids who want to stay active and have lots of fun! Gymnastics students may also add a tumbling class to their workout schedule in order to speed their progression in the sport. Tumblers get a great workout using the Spring Floors, Trampolines, Tumble Trak and other special equipment. Drills are included to enhance strength and flexibility necessary for tumbling skills.

Beginning Tumbling - Ages 6 and up

Beginner tumblers learn basic tumbling skills, using the spring floors, trampolines, and tumble track. Students will work on progressive skills including forward and backward rolls and their variation, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, one arm cartwheels and round-offs. Drills to improve technique will be the focus and students will also perform conditioning drills to improve strength and flexibility necessary for tumbling. No previous skills are required. Students will progress to Intermediate Tumbling when they can consistently perform their forward and backward rolls, handstand, cartwheel, and round-off.

Intermediate Tumbling - Ages 6.5 and up

ntermediate tumbling is designed for those tumblers who have mastered the basic skills that were learned in beginning tumbling. These skills lay the foundation for these kids to begin learning the back handspring. Intermediate Tumbling will focus on learning the back handspring with a light spot on the trampoline and Tumble track. Tumblers will also be introduced to front tumbling. Students will progress to Advanced Tumbling when they are able to perform a back handspring on the Trampoline and the Tumble track with a light spot.

Advanced Tumbling - Ages 6.5 and up

Advanced Tumbling is designed for students who can perform their back handspring with a light spot on the Tumble Track and the Trampoline. Advanced Tumblers will focus on moving their back handspring from a light spot to being able to perform their back handspring with excellent technique on the Trampoline and Tumble track. Students at this level will also work on the progressions necessary to gain mastery of the round-ff back handspring. For students to move to the flyer level they will need to consistently perform their round-off back handspring on the floor without spot and without undercutting.

Flyers - Ages 7 and up

Flyers is designed for students who can consistently perform a round-off back handspring with no help from a coach. Tumblers will focus on connecting multiple back handsprings with proper techniques and will perform drills in leading to back tucks, layouts, and twisting layouts. Enrollment for this class is by coach recommendation after an evaluation has been completed.

Tumble Bugs - Ages 4-6

This is a beginner level class for our younger tumblers, using our Tumbling Beginners curriculum. Coaches will use the same equipment and drills, but will tailor the class for kids in this age group.