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Summer Session begins June 5th and ends August 12th, 2017. Registration Fee $35 per student paid annually in your first month of classes and is good for a calendar year. Registration will be paid in their anniversary month each year thereafter in which child is enrolled. For instance if you enroll in August of 2015 your registration fee will be good until the following August of 2016. Annual registration fees will be billed on the 15th of the anniversary month. Registration Fee includes an AcroSports t-shirt. Registration Fee is not refundable.

Register and make first payment on the 3 payment autopay option by April 1st and take a $5 per family discount off your summer tuition total.  (does not apply to swim intensive)

Tuition Fees for 10 week Summer Session
Acrosports 10 week session may be paid in one payment or with 3 autopay payments. For those choosing the 3 pmt option, first payment is due when registering, 2nd on June 15, and 3rd on July 15. (autobilling to credit, debit or checking account is required for this option)

After June 15th two payments are required to enroll plus a $35 registration fee for new students. The third payment will run automatically July 15th. (autobilling to credit or debit card is required for this option)

After July 15th full payment for remaining classes is required.

Fees will be prorated for late enrollment based on a 11 week session. Tuition will not be prorated for missed classes. Three make-up classes or free Open Gym Coupons are permitted per session for missed classes. Make-ups must be completed before student drops or Session ends and are subject to availability. Summer Session Fees are not refundable. Fees are prorated for late enrollment.

*When enrolling in the summer session you are enrolled the entire 10 weeks. No drops are allowed for the summer.

10 Week Summer Session - 1st payment upon registration, 2nd payment June 15th & 3rd Payment July 15th

55 minute parent &
child gymnastics
class once a week
3 payments of $60 each or $180 for Full Summer
55 minute preschool gymnastics
class once a week
3 payments of $64 each or $192 for Full Summer
60 Minute Gymnastics, Tumbling, Trampoline, Cheer or Combo Class 3 payments of $67 each
or $201 for Full Summer
120 minute gymnastics class 33 payments of $117 each
or $351 for Full Summer
30 minute parent &
child swimming class
3 payments of $64 each
or $192 for Full Summer
30 minute independent swimming class 3 payments of $67 each
or $201 for Full Summer
Tuition Fees for Intensive 2 Week Swimming Sessions
(Daily classes for 2 Week Sessions 2 Weeks Monday-Friday)
Session 1 June 5 - 16th
Session 2 June 19 - June 30th
Session 3 July 10 - 21st
Session 4 July 24 - Aug 4th
30 minute swimming
class each day

$220 per 2 wk session  
FREE TRIAL Classes Available!
Trial Class are available!! **please call the office to schedule**

June 5th - August 12th


PHONE: 281-332-4496
FAX: 281-332-0299
You can always sign-up in the middle of a session- as long as the class is still open and fits your schedule. The system will prorate the class accordingly. This is a great way to try a class without committing to a whole session!
AcroSports will be closed on Monday, July 4th. Students who enroll in Monday classes will be allowed to schedule a Make-Up Class beginning June 15th. Make-up Classes must be scheduled in advance through the Front Desk and are subject to availability.