Friendswood: 1800 W Nasa Blvd. 281-332-4496
League City: 2705 Dickinson Ave. 281-967-7261

AcroSports Kids Center

School Session: August 13 - May 25, 2019

Maui Madness

Ages 5 years & up (Level 4 Advanced Intermediate)

Duration: 30 mins

Swimmer must be able to swim Freestyle and Backstroke at least 25 feet with a side breath. Must have basic Breaststroke and Butterfly kicks.


  • Independent Side Breathing - Child is able to roll to side, open shoulder for a breath comfortably at a steady controlled pace
  • Survival Float & Swim - Child is able to perform prolonged sequence float to swim and in the event of emergency/ exhaustion maintain back float and swim to side
  • Distance - Swim 15 to 25 feet with continuous side breathing to 1 side



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