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AcroSports Kids Center

AcroSports Open Gym

AcroSports School Year & Summer Safety Protocols

The purpose of these safety protocols is to keep Covid-19 from entering our buildings at all if possible. We are committed to providing every possible safety precaution to keep our students, parents, and staff safe while in our facility.


  • Everyone is asked to sanitize their hands when entering the facility using the provided products. Gymnasts will wash and sanitize their hands and arms at the sinks inside the gyms before attending their class.
  • Staff will be required to wear masks unless providing written doctor’s notice that they are unable to do so for medical reasons. Staff and students are required to notify AcroSports immediately if they or any family member has been diagnosed with Covid-19 or are exhibiting symptoms such as cough, fever, chills, etc. Staff/students who have been exposed or are exhibiting symptoms must quarantine according to CDC and health department guidelines.
  • Parents who are dropping off their students must remain in the parking lot until the students have been cleared to enter the building. Students should arrive dressed for workouts and will depart in the same attire. Dressing rooms will be closed.
  • After being cleared to enter the building, students will go straight into the gym to wash their hands and then will be directed to accompany their coach to their first rotation area.
  • Coaches will lead a brief warmup (about 5 minutes) before beginning their first rotation. Coaches will ensure that students maintain social distancing throughout each rotation.
  • Hand washing stations have been added inside the gyms themselves. Gymnasts and staff will be washing hands before entering the gyms. Hand sanitizer will also be used.
  • Social Distancing requires approximately 60 sq. feet surrounding each person (circle with a 3-foot radius). Students will be asked to respect the distance from each other during workouts and coaches will supervise this distancing.
  • Classes have been shortened by 5 minutes to allow time for students to exit and sanitizing procedures to be implemented before the next group enters. Staff will perform sanitation of equipment, restrooms, etc. as directed by management.
  • Students will wash hands during class and will have hand sanitizers available. AcroSports is providing extra staff who will be disinfecting gym areas and parent areas during and between classes using a hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Students will exit through the lobby doors and will meet parents in the lobby. This will allow the Viewing Area to empty before the next group arrives. New arrivals will be checked as described above.
  • Since we are unable to use water fountains, staff and students are asked to bring their own water bottle clearly labeled with their name.
  • Parents and spectators are encouraged but NOT REQUIRED to wear masks when inside the facility. Due to social distancing restrictions, we ask that spectators be limited to no more than 3-4 persons, per student. During actual classes, students may wear masks but are not required to do so; Students may find that masks interfere with skills performance.
  • Gymnasts will not be sharing chalk bowls. Recreational gymnasts will be discouraged from using chalk. If necessary, Gymnasts will be given labeled individual zip lock baggies with a small amount of chalk inside.
  • Since spotting is an essential part of safely training a gymnast to prevent injury, coaches will be spotting gymnasts only as absolutely necessary. Coaches will make a strong effort to maintain social distancing of students during class.
  • Should closure of the facility become necessary, parents will be notified immediately by email and make-up classes will be provided for any missed classes.