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AcroSports Kids Center

AcroSports Center Classes

We offer a variety of classes at various times that work with your schedule! Please choose from one of the categories below.

Drop From Class

AcroSports understands that sometimes circumstances require students to withdraw or take a break from their class. However, we know from 40 years of teaching that progress for your child is made over long periods of time and nothing can be gained by starting and stopping classes. We also know that students often take weeks if not months to get into the complete enjoyment of the class and should be given adequate time to acclimate to their class structure. Fortunately, we recognize that sometimes family circumstances change and class participation has to be postponed. For these circumstances, AcroSports offers a very easy and straightforward process for dropping a class. An emailed drop notice must be sent to prior to the 15th day of your child’s last month of class. Verbal notice, phone messages, or notice to instructors does not meet this requirement. All emails are date stamped so there will be no question as to when AcroSports was notified of a drop notice. During the last month of classes AcroSports will automatically bill your last month as usual, then your child will be dropped from class and future billing will be cancelled at the end of their last month.