Friendswood: 1800 W Nasa Blvd. 281-332-4496
League City: 2705 Dickinson Ave. 281-967-7261

AcroSports Kids Center

Terrific Tumblers

Ages 4 years old

Duration: 50 mins

Children learn basic body positions such as a straight body, tuck, straddle, etc. We practice ending and beginning skills with good form, tight bodies, and a lunge. Balance beam skills include walking forward, sideways, and backwards, kick steps, dip steps, and releve walks. We combine these different walks and focus on landing with good form. For this age group we incorporate agility and plyometric exercises. Floor skills consist of forward rolls, backward rolls, straddle rolls, etc. We progress from using a wedge to performing these skills on a sting mat at floor level. Children are encouraged to begin and end in good form with tight bodies, pointed toes, and straight arms and legs in a lunge. Bars skills consist of front supports, hangs (pike, straddle, tuck), pull-overs, forward rolls on the bar and casting. We encourage hollow body form, straight arms and a solid landing with each skill. We also introduce the concept of linking skills together.Vaulting and trampoline skills inclu


Friendswood Year Round Session

League City Year Round Session