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AcroSports Kids Center

Year Round Session: 2023-2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents often have questions when touring AcroKids Academy. Here are some of the most common questions we hear. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us!

1. Will my child get to play in the gymnastics area while they are in AcroKids?

YES!! All of our students play in the gymnastics facilities daily. During the school year everyone gets a session in the afternoon on regular school days, and two sessions on school holidays and early release days. During the summer everyone has at least TWO sessions of playtime in the gym each day.

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2. Can my child take a gymnastics class while they are in AcroKids

YES!! AcroKids students have the opportunity to take skills classes while they are in school. You can chose to add up to 5 classes per week in gymnastics, tumbling, ninja, and cheer. All classes done after school are completed no later than 4:45 or 5:45pm so you can have your evenings free to spend as a family.

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3. If my child takes a skills class while they are at AcroKids, is it discounted?

YES!! If your child takes a skills class through AcroKids Academy, they will have the same awesome classes that the public takes, but will pay the special rate ONLY offered to AcroKids students.

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4. What about school holidays and early release days? Are you open on those days?

Yes!! We are open for all school holidays and early release days except for the major holidays when we are closed as well. We ask parents to register online through our Event Calendar if they need care on days when their child does not have school.

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5. Do you take Drop-Ins for holiday childcare if we are not a current AcroKids student?

YES!! As long as we have space we would LOVE to have more students join us during school holidays. Registration and payment can be done online, and then we will need all the paperwork filled out prior to attending.

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6. What is your policy on discipline?

We believe that children need positive influences in their lives, and need to learn to make good choices throughout their day. We encourage the children with positive reinforcement, rewards, and help to control their bodies. We guide the children to think through what they are doing and how they could make a better choice for themselves in each situation. If there is a situation which could put your child or their friends in danger, we will remove the child from that situation and work through the next steps to see how we can solve the issue.

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7. What do I need to send with my child each day?

After School students will need to bring whatever clothes they may need for their after school classes in their backpacks to their elementary school. If they do not have proper attire then we cannot send them to class. Gymnastics and tumbling students need comfortable clothing (elastic-waist shorts/pants and a t-shirt, or a leotard if desired for girls) and will go barefoot. Ninja students need comfortable clothing (elastic-waist shorts/pants and a t-shirt) and will need to wear sneakers. We cannot allow any buttons, zippers, loose clothing, etc in the gymnastics, tumbling or ninja classes, so no jeans, overalls, dresses, skirts, lunch(summer), etc.

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8. Do you offer a sibling or military discount?

Yes. We offer a 10% sibling discount off the 2nd child’s tuition. We also offer a 10% discount to all active duty military families.

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9. How does your billing work? Is it weekly, monthly, or some combination?

AcroKids tuition is billed weekly, every Friday for the NEXT week of childcare through the AcroKIDS billing system. All skills classes are billed monthly on the 5th of each month through the AcroSPORTS billing system. All tuition and fees are billed through auto-billing to a credit or debit card.

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10. Do you have a waiting list?

Yes. Most of our programs are full on an ongoing basis, so we keep a continuous waiting list and call parents if/when we receive a drop notice from another child. Sometimes the waiting list moves quickly (due to houses selling, parents’ jobs changing, etc.), and sometimes we are not able to pull anyone off the waiting list for several months. It is impossible for us to say how long it might be before a spot opens up, but we promise you will be the first to know if one does!

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11. How soon can I register and have my child start AcroKids?

We begin registering our current students for the next school year and summer program in late February/early March. Once all of our current students have had a chance to register, we open any remaining spots to the public. We then continue enrolling until all spots are full, and then begin our waiting list. We will enroll continuously throughout each school year and summer if space is available.

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12. What if I need to drop out of AcroKids? How much notice do you need?

We realize circumstances change and sometimes families need to withdraw from our program. We require a 2 week notice to drop, and the drop date must fall on a Friday. This allows us time to fill that spot with a child on the waiting list. Withdrawal notices must be sent by email to

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